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Gladiolus spp

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Our Price: $15.95
SKU: 35016002
Package quantity : 50
Gladiolus The Gladioli are members of the Iris family, thus their common name Sword Lilies is a misnomer, Our 50 corm mammoth mix is comprised of all the best colours and will provide you with summer-long blooming when planted at two week intervals, Our individual varieties are intended for dramatic emphasis in smaller areas, for shorter periods, Glads require full sun so plant the corms accordingly at a depth of 4-6 inches, Approximately 3 weeks after planting you can side dress the area with a high phosphorus food such as 5-10-5, If you plan to use them as cut flowers, cut once the first, lower-most, bloom has opened. 50 corms/pkg.
Bloom SeasonSummer Flowering Plants
Hardiness ZoneZone7
Shipping SeasonApril

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