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Dahlia Cultivation

Dahlias are one of the most spectacular sun loving, summer blooming, heavy flowering garden wonders you can plant. They are hardy to zone 7 so must be enjoyed as annuals or lifted and stored for the winter. They prefer a fertile, well drained soil that is sandy, but will tolerate most soil types, a ph near 6.5 is ideal. Wait until the soil temperature reaches 60 degrees to transplant or direct plant your tubers as they detest cold. Grow them in a full sun location for best results. They can be fed a low nitrogen, liquid  fertilizer  once each month when starting out and this can be altered to a bloom balance fertilizer as they come into bloom but do not over feed them or they will perform poorly.  Each of your taller types should be loosely tied to a stake to prevent damage. Avoid leaf and bark dust based mulches, the tubers like the heat.